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Our Services

Truck Audits

We randomly audit trucks at the exit of Distribution

Centers, measuring the differences between the dispatch documentation

and what is actually loaded.

Master File Creation

If your company does not have properly linked the internal codes with barcodes, we do the work for you. In an operation of sweeping of sale rooms and warehouses, we can update 100% the existing codes in its dependencies.

Equipment Rentals / Self Inventory

We lease our equipment and systems so that you can take your inventory with your own personnel. The service includes a REBUSS supervisor, who processes and delivers in

real time, all the necessary reports, files, and information


Stores Support

REBUSS has trained and available staff to cooperate

with our clients in specific projects such as loading rooms, balances settlements, remodeling or reverse logistics, for which we can build working teams based on your needs, with logistics skills and

appropriate equipment.

Price Verification

We count complete sales room, wall to wall, or just a part of your store, detecting the differences between the shelf

and Master File, Shelf and P.O.S. system, and/or the master file and P.O.S system.

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