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Our Services

Cycle Counting

Inventories are made to a particular brand, category,

class or family of products, inside a sales room or warehouse.

Health Industry Inventories

Our experience in the industry (hospitals, medical supplies, drugstores and pharmacies) allow us to

deliver a service of excellence, allowing to perform counts according

to government regulations. In pharmacies, our systems are able to perform counts by packs, strips or pills.

Stores Inventories

We count 100% of the products by their barcode, with specialized human resources and the best technologies to have efficiency, accuracy and minimal interference in the normal business cycle. It considers remote information downloads, real time reports

and a methodology that certifies the quality of each process.

Warehouse Inventories

We deliver results and variances by position

(area), using customer zones or by using positions generated by us.

Fix Assets Inventories

This is tracking service that allows to register all the Fixed assets of a company by each physical location and functional dependence. REBUSS label the assets and delivers a database with an included software, to permanently control the assets

of your company.

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